Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I Will Wait For Amazon's Kindle 3.0

The Kindle has been out for 2 days, and everybody has an opinion. Even the Pope. Some people like it. Some people hate it. But everybody agrees that the Kindle is just plain too ugly to have been designed for e-book readers living in 2007.

The Kindle's best feature is its ability to download a book from Amazon anytime in seconds. All the other features are in need of refinement. I would not buy a Kindle because I am not allowed to loan it to a friend. It is against the term of use. I like sharing books. When you find a book you love, you want to tell all your friends about it and lend it to them. I don't see myself lending the Kindle to a friend because A)They might break it. B)If I lend them my Kindle, what I am going to read? C)If they decide to download their a book for themselves on the Kindle, how I am going to ask for my money back?

Amazon also wants customers to pay for things they can get for free on the Internet. They want $15 for a New York Times subscription. Are they kidding me? They are also able to keep tab on how I read my e-books. That is the one thing I hate about things electronic, every company wants to connect to my stuff and see how I am using them. I bought it fair and square, so what I do with it is my business.

The Kindle has not kindled my imagination. Amazon wanted to Kindle to resemble ink on paper as much as possible. If someone is that attached to how ink looks on paper, don't you think they would just buy a book.

The Kindle looks like it was designed by baby boomers for baby boomers, and it shows. I say that Amazon should go back to the drawing board and design something with amazing features and that has "wow" written all over it and get back to us in one year.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Want DNA Proof Showing Saul Hansell Is Not Related To Doug Johnson

Separated at Birth

Saul Hansell of the New York Times

Doug Johnson of TLC Moving Up

I was channel flipping and I saw a show called 'Moving UP' on TLC, and I went "oh my gosh! I didn't know Saul Hansell was an interior decorator as well as a New York Times writer." I quickly realized that it was his long lost brother Doug Johnson.

If they're not related, color me blind.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Facebook:The Past Was Dead, The Future Was Unimaginable

"Isn't this beautiful?" Zuckerberg asked the crowd.

Mark Zuckerberg was 23 and a college dropout. He was the boy wonder that "put fear" into the mighty Google, and made Microsoft fall head over heels in love. He had every reason to be nervous, but he had grown accustomed to the limelight and he cherished every moment of it. Mark had just finished describing his strategy to turn users of Facebook into Internet billboards. He has never been more proud.

Manhattan is accustomed to seeing stars, but Mark was not just any star. Hundreds of executives and journalists had come to the Mecca of advertising, not only to see him, but to witness what they've been told would be the future. Executives came to see him tell them that their brands was safe in his hands.

A generation of children have grown up online and they knew nothing of privacy, intimacy, and quiet afternoons in a park with their thoughts and a book. For them life means sharing every thought with everyone, without inhibition.

They wear GUnit T-shirts and carry Louis Vuitton bags as if they were badges of honor. They talk constantly about the brands they own, and the brands they aspire to own in the near future. Some even tattoo their favorite brands on their bodies. What Mark had done was tapped into Facebookers' needs for constant reassurance, validation, and proof that they're loved. Even if the love is from marketers trying to sell to them. It is a world where fakes friends are better than none.

Mark belongs to this brand obsessed generation. He wear Adidas flip flops as if they were attached to his feet. The Adidas brand has branched into an extension of himself. He understands Facebookers need to belong.

Social networkers as a group don't mind giving every bit of themselves, as long as they are rewarded for it. Being "social" and telling the world about your deepest desires are rewarded by ads made "just for you" asking you to desire more, and share even more of yourself.

Facebookers who willingly sign up to broadcast their deepest thoughts have read about the pitfalls of letting corporations and governments too deeply into lives. They have read and written reports on George Orwell's book '1984." But for them 1984 is a fantasy written by an old Englishman before the Internet "was created" by Google.

Executives from Blockbuster, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Toyota could not believe their luck. They have wanted to capitalize on this social networking trend that had become a way of life for so many. A whole generation of young, educated users, who seemed willing to give up their souls for just $24 each. Mark had just just told them that Facebookers were willing to give up their souls, or let the thought police give them a gentle push toward what they should desire next for just a hug and affirmation. He would keep the 24 dollars.

Alas! On November 6, the past was dead, the future was unimaginable.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Dumbledore Is Gay and Jesus Was His Gay Lover

Last week J.K. Rowling outed Dumbledore from the imaginary closet. Apparently some readers were wondering about Dumbledore's sexuality, and Rowling decided to confirm the "rumors."

My first thought was "can fake people be gay?" My second thought was "how long before Jesus is outed from his closet as well?'

Jesus was never married, ran around with 12 men. If that's not tell-tale sign of gayness, I don't know what is.

I don't know why Mrs. Rowling felt the need to out a character that almost no sane person thought was gay. She made him gay after the Harry Potter series was over. What was her motivation? Perhaps she wants to teach kids that gays are not freaks, and they can be interesting, and lovable like Dumbledore, but you don't just turn a character gay just because you need a cause celebre.

I know that J.K. Rowling is the author of the series and she can turn any of the characters gay if she chooses, even Harry (which would have made more sense,) but I am choosing to believe that she doesn't know her characters. On her behalf I am I'm putting Dumbledore back in the imaginary closet.

As far as I know, Dumbledore was an old man who never married because he was too dedicated to his career as a wizard at H
ogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to find himself a wife.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Music Is My Hot Hot Sex

Amateur commercial for Apple turns me into a CSS ( Cansei de Ser Sexy) fan

You may have heard about the 18 year-old named Nick Haley who created a commercial for the IPod Touch in his spare time, and caught the eye of Apple executives and have used his concept to create their newest Apple commercial.

The commercial is well done, but the music is what has got me hooked. I have been listening to it all weekend. I have even used the song as a nursery rhyme, minus the hot hot sex. I have been substituting words such as king size bed for Tivo, fridge, laptop. You to can do it, and you won't believe how much fun it is. You can substitute the music with other words as well. I have being using my daughter's name and singing how she is my "pogo sticks," "pooh bear," "my lollipop," etc. I think this is going to take off like a rocket.

When someone ask you how much you like someone, lets call him "James," just say that "James is my king size bed."

Pop culture in the making. How cool!

CSS Song Complete

Music is My Hot Hot Sex Lyrics

From all the drugs the one i like more is music
From all the junks the one i need more is music
From all the boys the one i take home is music
From all the ladies the one i kiss is music (muah!)

Music is my boyfriend
Music is my girlfriend
Music is my dead end
Music is my imaginary friend
Music is my brother
Music is my great-grand-daughter
Music is my sister
Music is my favorite mistress

From all the shit the one i gotta buy is music
From all the jobs the one i choose is music
From all the drinks the one i get drunk is music
From all the bitches the one i wannabe is music

Music is my beach house
Music is my hometown
Music is my king size bed
Music is my hot hot bath
Music is my hot hot sex
Music is my back rub
Music is where i'd like you to touch

Fui escoteira-mirim
Direto da escola, não
Não ia cheirar cola
Nem basquete, pebolim
O que eu gosto não é de graça
O que gosto não é farsa
Tem guitarra, bateria, computador saindo som
Alguns dizem que mais alto que um furacão (rhéum)
Perto dele eu podia sentir
Saía de seu olho e chegava em mim
Sentada do seu lado
Eu queria encostar
Faria o tigela até o sol raiar
Debaixo do lençol
Ele gemia em ré bemol
Fiquei tensa
Mas tava tudo bem
Ele é fodão, mas eu sei que eu sou também

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Urban Camouflage Is The #1 Reason To Love The Japanese

As Crazy As It Sounds, Urban Camouflage Has Its Merrits

The Japanese's fascination with all things weird is well documented, and the newest addition to the list is urban camouflage Japanese style.

Urban camouflage has been around for a few years, but there is an article in the New York Times that has made Americans aware of the trend. The wearable vending machine and the fire hydrant are meant as a deterrent against crime. The idea behind them is that if you are in a bad neighborhood, and you see someone coming and you don't feel safe, you can just take your skirt and turn it into a vending machine look-alike and cover yourself and fool the possible perpetrator. This quote is from the NYT article:

But the devices’ creators also argue that Japan’s ideas about crime prevention are a product of deeper cultural differences. While Americans want to protect themselves from criminals, or even strike back, the creators say many Japanese favor camouflage and deception, reflecting a culture that abhors self-assertion, even in self-defense.

“It is just easier for Japanese to hide,” Ms. Tsukioka said. “Making a scene would be too embarrassing.” She said her vending machine disguise was inspired by a trick used by the ancient ninja, who cloaked themselves in black blankets at night."

Most Americans who have commented on this type of fashion were mocking it; but I am not so sure that the idea is that crazy. It could work and I have some videos that shows that urban camouflage is, indeed, a viable idea. The Japanese are not afraid to experiment with ideas and that is why they are so good at coming up with innovative inventions. Americans like to play it safe. Kudos to the Japanese for not being afraid to think of outrageous designs that may be ahead of their time.

Watch urban camouflage in action HERE

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Heroes Continues Its Downward Spiral

Heroes is not getting better with age

I was not going to talk about episode 4 of season 2 of Heroes but I could not fight the urge. The writers are still nuts and their plots still don't make sense.
Superboy wannabe took Lois wannabe on ANOTHER "Superman and Lois fun ride" this time to Hollywood, CA. Yes they managed to fly really fast evading radar detection and he was able to hold on to her for the entire flight. So it is official! West has super-strength as well as flying powers.

Oh that part were West told Claire that his father would would be glad to meet him because, I quote "I can fly" was the stupidest line so far this season. Yeah West, his daughter cannot be hurt, but he’s going to be amazed at your flying abilities. Whatever!

A new character was introduced. She is black and her name escapes me. But her power is truly amazing. Amazingly stupid that is. She can learn things by watching someone do it. I don't care what Heroes' writers were thinking when they were coming up with powers, but this one takes the cake for the least plausible and the most useless. Here is why. Imagine that she saw two people fight with swords for 10 minutes as she did when she saw two guys wrestle, now is she really going to be a sword master by just watching 10 minutes of a sword fight. Come on! Get some brain writers and stop insulting me. I am willing to suspend believe in reality for 1 hour to watch the show, but I am not willing to suspend common sense.

The icing on the cake is Sylar getting out of the jungle of God knows where and ends up in the desert on the U.S./Mexican border. How is beyond me. Did he fly? I doubt that he did not have any flying powers that I know of. Did he run really fast like Bionic Woman? I doubt that also. So how in the world did he get out of that Jungle? Why did they even show me the stupid jungle in episode 3, if they were going to let him out so easy?

The Guatemalan twins need to die ASAP. And that chick has got to stop stressing so easy. Someone looks at her the wrong way and her eyes gets all black. She needs to get on Paxel right now and control whatever is inside her. What the heck is her power anyway? So far, all I got was that she could annoy the shit out of me.

The previews for episode 5 talked about Peter finding out about his identity. Who give a flying leap? We already know who Peter is. How is that a suspenseful episode?

Kristen Bell joins the cast of Heroes in episode 5. And their hook for her character was that we would never guess what her power is. 5 bucks I know what it is already. I say that her powers are going to be stupid, useless and a complete waste of my time. If I was to be more specific I would say she can tap into memory or something ridiculous like that. I am just guessing. But whatever her power comes out to be, it's not going to be interesting. Mark my word.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Love Contract

Love Contract. Very funny video

"Gray Rape" Don't be a victim. Get the Love Contract and don't leave home without it.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bill Gate Is Hoping That Business Owners, Everywhere, Loose Their Minds

Microsoft to introduce unified communication system

NYT technology blog has a piece that talks about Bill Gate's big plan to introduce unified communications on Tuesday October, 16, 2007.

"That day, Bill Gates plans to introduce Microsoft’s invasion into their business, with a new line of software for what the company calls “unified communications.” That means it is meant to integrate all the ways that people talk to each other: voice, video, instant messaging and more elaborate forms of online collaboration.

If it is successful, this software will accelerate the shift of communications from specialized devices and networks onto Internet-based networks, desktop PCs and microprocessor-based servers. And that, in turn, could challenge the economics of the remarkably profitable telecommunications industry."

Here I see it.

Microsoft's offer to unify my communication systems with their softwares is plain and simple a crappy business deal. Here's why.

Cutting through all the B.S., what Microsoft is suggesting is a simple trade: they bring their buggy, unsecured, unstable softwares to the party and I bring my money, my VOIP telephone service, voice mail, faxes, video conferencing, all my telecommunications needs. Fine, simple. But here's the rub, Microsoft will not get less buggy, more secure or stable and my communication systems will likely get really fact, it is very likely that my problems with this "unified communication" will increase but it is an absolute certainty that Microsoft customer support won't be a great help!

So, in simple terms MS unified communication is going to a business deal I am most likely to regret, and I am not interested in the stress.

So in Wall Street terms, we would call Microsoft's offer a trading position, not a buy and hold. It doesn't make good business sense to buy it or lease it for that matter (which is what they're asking,) so I'd rather stick to what I know works and works well.

Sorry Microsoft. No dice!

___Coolrepublica using wise words from a man, who may, or may not be Rob Campbell.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

R.I.P T.I's Career: Oct 9, 2001-Sept 13, 2007

Don't drop the soap homie!

According to, T.I was arrested on Saturday,October 13, 2007 for being rich and really stupid. The ATF arrested him today for using his bodyguard to purchase machine guns and silencers. Yes, you read right. Silencers. It seems that Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr. aka T.I did not get smarter when his career took off. All that money and he couldn't buy a brain.

A lot of people are writing him off as another dumb rapper who could not get his shit together after he left the hood. Actually, they are saying that in a very racist manner I do not wish to repeat here.

How can these rappers be so stupid? Why would a man with bodyguards needs machine guns and silencers. I am not even going to try to figure this out because I will bust my head trying to find logic behind his stupidity. We can pretty much say good bye to T.I because when the Feds come knocking, they don't mess around. I hear that if he's found guilty on the charge of of trying to purchase silencers, he may not see the outside world for a long, long time.

I am kind of glad he got his ass arrested. No one buys silencers so they can go to the shooting range and practice.

I hope Al Sharpton stays away from this mess. Who I am kidding? Al is probably trying to rally the troop to get T.I out on bail.

Well T.I, it was nice knowing you. I did not think your music was ever that great, but since I felt you were earning an honest living, I respected you. Now that I know you were trying to kill people, all I can say is "dumb fuck; don't drop the soap!"

Fergie's New M.A.C Ad/Music Video Clumsy

Fergie, The Dutchess, has a new M.A.C commercial video out titled "Clumsy." It is a nice 4 minutes video with lots of M.A.C product placements and a cameo by a Motorola SLVR L7e .

I am afraid that this trend of commercials passing as music videos is only going to increase as more people get DVRs. Now we have to fast forward through ads while watching music videos. The music industry is surely not making things easy for us.

Friday, October 12, 2007

When Heroes Jumped The Shark, Fireworks Flew

Yes, Heroes on NBC has jumped the shark only 3 episodes into the second season.

I must say that I am very angry at the writers of the show Heroes. They took a good formula for a TV show and good writing, and they pooped all over it.

The second season of Heroes is so shitty that I want to hurt the writers for fucking with my head. It is as if their notes on the rules of good writing got lost over the summer vacation.

Here are my beefs

  • In episode 3 of the second season "Kindred," Heroes jumped the shark in the most amazing fashion. That scene when fly boy took cheerleader girl on what I like to call the "Superman and Lois fun ride," was the most ridiculous scene ever. I kept waiting for a voice over of Claire to start saying :"....if you need to be loved, here i am. Read my mind." Seriously, whoever wrote this episode needs to be fired. It was awful! Why was Claire looking so fucking impressed. Her father has the same power and she saw him do it. I was scratching my head watching the show. And fly boy was so comfortable holding her. They said nothing about super strength. I kept hoping that he would drop Clair and see if she really can survive any fall. That would have been good TV. And Hayden is so short she is bordering on "little people" status. Just sayin'

  • The whole Peter Petrelli story this season is oh, so lame. Lame to the 3rd power. Let me see if I get this right Heroes' writers. Peter wakes up in a container somewhere in Ireland. The container was supposed to contain IPods and now it is empty. The Irish guys (who are so smart) figured that Peter stole the IPods and chained himself to the container, all beat up, because when you steal things that don't belong to you, you just chain yourself to the scene of the crime, kick yourself a few times, and wait for someone to show up. And he can't remember who he is. WTF?

    • It gets better! Peter is taking prisoner by the Irish guys/Shamrock Boys. Peter than discovers that he has amazing powers such as: Telekinesis, mind reading, amazing strength, power to heal and so on and so on, but he decides to stay with these guys and help them do a robbery. Why? Oh yes, they have this box with his identity. WTF? #2 Peter not only has amnesia, he also can't remember the difference between right and wrong, and he doesn't remember that the police can help him better than the crooks, and he can't remember to go to a TV station and ask for help, and he can't remember that when you have the power to kick ass you don't have to take orders from the Irish mob. Wow! There is a lot that Peter can't remember

    • Hiro! All I can say about his story line is this. If he doesn't get his ass back to modern time soon, I am going to have to transport myself to ancient Japan and get his ass back myself. His story line is so boring. I mean really boring. That British guy in ancient Japan is such a ludicrous idea, I am not even going to talk about it. All I want to say is make the white guy stop talking. I know that the bad dialogue the gave him is hard to get over, but does it have to be so bad. And while we are shutting up people, make Molly stop talking as well. I can't stand her voice.

    • Maya and her Alehandro trying to make it to America is not worth mentioning. They suck! I don't care what the writers were thinking when they wrote that story, but it is not fair the the Hispanics of this country. They finally get some Spanish spoken on Heroes only to have characters that must be killed, immediately, deliver the lines. It's just not right.

    • I would like to say that I think that Peter Petrelli is who killed Hiro's father. I think that he came back from the future( he has Ando's powers and he is all bad and stuff after being with the Irish mobsters) and now he is taking names and holding no prisoners. Yes, this season of Heroes is that predictable.

    Here is my YouTube videos to illustrate when Heroes jumped the shar

    Claire and West ripping off Superman and Lois

    Superman and Lois flying

    On Polish TV, Desperate Wives Sound Like Guys

    The Poles have no use for emotions. They think it is overrated.

    I read this article in the WSJ that talked about the art of (of lack of) dubbing TV shows in Poland. I found it so fascinating that I had to blog about it.

    In Poland when they need to dub a TV show, they employ what they call lektors to do it. No matter what the gender of the character, the age, how much emotion is needed for a scene, a man reads the script in the same monotonous voice. I had to hear with my own ears how bad it really sounds. It is awful! It is how I imagined hell, but worst.

    The Polish people seem to loves this stuff like Latinos love Telenovelas.

    Well, I know what I am going to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. I am going to be thankful I don't have to watch Polish TV. If I ever go to Poland, I am bringing enough DVDs to take me through a nuclear winter, or buy a Slingbox.

    I just thought of a new slogan for Slingbox: "Poland! Don't go there without a Slingsbox."

    Here is a YouTube video to illustrate why Poland is not for "TV Lovers."

    Wednesday, October 10, 2007

    Is the American Workplace Hostile to Singles?

    A recent Time blog asked whether the American workplace was hostile to singles. The blog gave all kind of data to show that the number of singles have risen in the workplace but benefits for them are non-existent.

    "What causes this workplace unease to boil over? Childless singles feel put upon, taken for granted and exploited—whether because of fewer benefits, less compensation, longer hours, mandatory overtime, or less flexible schedules or leaves—by married and child-rearing co-workers."

    I' am telling these childless singles to stop their bitching and save the drama for their momma. It's not anyone's fault no one want to marry them and have kids with them. I know that two third of singles would marry in an instant if marriage came with guarantees. Their fear of failure is so strong that they don't want to get married and risk it.

    Do workers with families get benefits at work? Of course they do, but they also lose a lot as well. When the boss give the single workers more work he is giving them a vote of confidence. He is telling them that he trusts that they can get it done and put in the hours. Mothers in the workplace don't get the best projects, don't rise as fast through the company as singles. All that traveling for the company means that singles get noticed more.

    Anyone who thinks that it's not fair to singles that people with families get "so much" time off, and get to leave early and come to work a bit late, only have to look to
    Japan to see what happens when companies don't offer flexibility to parents in the workplace. Married workers don't want to have children and risk their careers. And that means that all the single people, if they "choose" to remain single, will have a heck of time in their retirement age of getting government help to pay for their health care costs, and other services. A functional government needs enough young adults paying taxes to cover their budgets.

    When parents go home early to take care of their kids, they are doing single people a favor. Companies that give "benefits" to workers with families are giving singles and the economy a boost. If they don't give those "benefits," women would be less inclined to have kids, and then the goverment would have to start paying them to have children. To
    pay women to have kids mean that they would have to raise taxes on single workers to help pay for the program. Singles have to decide whether they want to work longer hours, or give a bigger chunk of their paycheck to the government.

    Working parents need time off to raise their kids because kids don't raise themselves. We need these children to become responsible adults and contribute to society. I say give parents more time off and more benefits so they can do a good job at it. All these complaining singles in the workplace should just hurry up and find their "soulwhatever" so they too can have families. They would be able to get these "benefits" that working parents get and they resent so much. They would get to go home to crying infants, house shores, and stressed out weekends. And like their married counterparts, there will be days when they will long for these long hours at work, alone, with dimmed light, eating Chinese.

    Furthermore, single workers have choices that are not available to workers with families. Singles can just leave their jobs if they don't like the hours, the amount of work that is being giving to them or to go on a sabbatical in the Andes. People with families have to just stick it out.

    Below is a visual representation of what happens to a country where companies don't give benefits to working parents. Enjoy!

    Monday, October 8, 2007

    All In Favor For Nuking The Congo Say Aye.....Aye!

    The New York Times has an article about the rape epidemic in the Republic of Congo. Theses acts are so despicable that you have to wonder if men in the Congo are not descendants of the Devil.

    Who are these men who think raping children is a legitimate weapon in war? Personally I would not object if the atomic bomb was to be dropped on them. I say we take all these men put them on a small island and nuke the bastards.

    I am sure that Africa is a fine continent, but I wonder about what happened there over the last centuries to bring that type brutality to the surface.

    All women and children in Congo should get asylum in Europe and in America as political dissidents. If these women are being used by these militias for political purposes, it is the human thing to do to give them safe refuge in a different country. Preferably somewhere not in Africa.

    Instead of women in America wasting their time buying pink lipsticks and pink Razor phone to help cure breast cancer, I would suggest that women write checks to help these women in the Congo, and call their congressmen and senators and demand that something is done to help.

    If nothing can be done, lets bomb the Congo and put it out of its misery.

    Breast Cancer Kills All Women Who Buy Pink Products To Help Cure Breast Cancer

    Only in America would corporations tell consumers that the best way to help women be aware about a disease is to buy pink stuff.

    I don't know how the "buy pink crap" idea got started as a method to raise fund to help find a cure to breast cancer came, and I don't want to bother wikiing it; but I do know that it has become a commercialized cause.

    Sometime last century, the month of October was labeled Breast Cancer Awareness month. They might as well call it "buy stupid pink products to help yourself feel better about not helping the homeless" month. The companies that are involved give pennies of the dollar to the breast cancer research. I would prefer if women just wrote a check to the cancer research groups and save time by not going shopping at the mall. But American women are unable to pass an opportunity to shop.

    Any woman over the age of 14 knows that they're supposed to check their breast for lumps regularly. Even in third world countries they do it. Why do people in this country see the need to buy another Coach bag to help them remember of breast cancer?

    I say that all women who actually go out and buy any of these pink products for the purpose of helping find a cure for breast cancer should have their heads examine.

    While we are on the subject of doing stupid things to find cures to diseases, I say that people should stop walking for cures as well. Walk because you want to lose weight and be healthy. Don't walk to save the children, cure blindness and breast cancer. That's retarded! And please don't give Jerry Lewis any more of your money on Labor Day, to find the cure for Muscular Dystrophy. As long as Jerry is alive the cure is never coming. Once there is a cure what is Jerry Lewis going to do on Labor Day?

    Watching Bill O'Reilley Is Un-American

    O’REILLY: "You can combine how I deal with cancer
    with how I deal with the White House press corps. Because they’re both
    insidious, invasive. They both have to be wiped out.
    And you know, you see the theme that I’m getting at here"

    With this comment Bill O'Reilly shows his true color. He is anti-democracy, anti-freedom and Un-American.

    The press corps' job is to challenge the spin doctors in the White House. Granted they don't do a very poor job at challenging the administration's view of the world, but having them there is better than not having them to oversee the spin doctors.

    Anyone who continues to watch his show after this comment will be supporting a man who thinks that journalists who are helping to safeguard our democracy are useless, insidious and should be wiped out.

    Mr. O'Reilly may wish he lived in Hitler's Germany, but we don't. If he has a problem with freedom of the press, he should start by quitting his job at Fox News then move to Burma.

    I've Seen The Future And It's The Pivo 2

    I want this car!!!!

    I have seen many concept cars and they all look the same. Just the same old car with flashier outside design. Nothing really special about them. The Pivo 2 takes the car concept and actually take it a step above the rest. This car does look odd, but it is so very cute and so very functional. No more parallel parking. No more looking in your rear view mirror to back up. Just turn around and voila!

    If the Pivo 2 was to go from concept car to Nissan showrooms, the company should only change one thing about it and that is to make it go wickedly fast.

    Americans might not take too well to this car because car drivers here love their cars big, but in Europe and Japan this car would be a monster hit. Huge!

    I hope Nissan make this car for the American market as well. It looks fun to drive and the little robot head is adorable.

    Please Nissan, can I have one?

    Friday, October 5, 2007

    Keep Runnin' Hommie!

    I am not a very big fan of rap music but when I heard this song I was surprised by how much I liked it. The lyrics and music are so engaging that you forget you are watching a 9 minute music video.

    actually made a really good video. The video follows the song. A rarity in music videos nowadays.

    I agree with many things that are said in the song; but I am not crazy about the "not snitching" reference. When a crime has been committed, it is our civic duty to tell the police what we know. Although the meaning of word "snitch" has morphed from criminals telling on each other to meaning regular citizens not helping the cops. How that got to be is a thesis and a half.

    I really like this song and I think they did such a great job that it is bound to win best video at next year's MTV Music Award (if they have the balls to put one on again; and if Kanye West doesn't bitch so much that they have to give it to him to shut him up.)

    While watching this video try to read the ticker. It is very funny.

    Thursday, October 4, 2007

    The Best Kids In The World!

    Check out DJ Sarah and her friend DJ Ryusei in this YouTube video. These kids make scratching look easy. I want them to be at my next party. I am sure that they are way cheaper than DJ AM.

    I can't remember doing anything impressive when I was their age. I slept a lot, watched TV and read books. I am so jealous.

    Wednesday, October 3, 2007

    Mommy, Why Does My Zune Looks So Fugly?

    Brown is the new black. Not in that shade it isn't.

    Zune ad makes me want to run away from it. That can't be good.

    Microsoft came out with the new Zune yesterday, and it looks like the a fugly remote control I had in the 80's. Their color choice are odd. They have a brown and an olive green color Zune. There isn't much to say about it except that it looks ugly and Disney may have a copyright infringement case against Microsoft. The Zune's controls look like Mickey Mouse's head.

    I know Microsoft is trying, but it is very annoying whenever they come up with a product and it turns out to be a bad copy of an Apple product. My advice to Microsoft is to stop stealing design ideas from Apple, and start stealing their designers.

    Tuesday, October 2, 2007

    Israel Is Boobalacious!

    A great deal of men would brave mines and exploding buses to see nice boobs; and Israel is counting on them to visit.

    Most people's vision of Israel is very negative. Unless you are very religious, it's not on your top 10 list of places to visit before you die. The Israeli goverment is trying to challenge our preconception of Israel as a country on lockdown and replace it with the image of a country with girls that are so hot and boobalacious that you would fight the army of Hamas to get to it.

    The first ad is for a Jewish social networking site but it still makes Israel seem like a nice place to visit if you are a horny man.

    This ad is funny. What got me is the guys in them are saying "Holy Jesus" and "Holy mother of God"

    Unilever Says That Darker Skin Is So Last Season

    Every wondered why you never got that dream job you always wanted? Well, It may be because you are too dark. If you want to pursue your dream, and get the job you deserve, may we recommend Unilever's "Fair & Lovely." It works magic.

    Lighter skin means instantaneous happiness.

    Please talk to your daughters because Unilever does.

    Unilever Wants Us To Talk To Our Daughters and Tell Them Not To Buy Unilever Products

    Unilever "onslaught" ad asking us to "talk to our daughters before the beauty industry does."

    Unilever "Axe" ad telling girls to stop being prudes and become the sluts they were mean to be.

    Unilever "Axe" ad telling women that they must surrender to their inner whore because boys like women with no inhibition and it is sooooo much more fun.

    Unilever ad telling women that elevator sex with a complete stranger is the only way to go

    Monday, October 1, 2007

    Designer Martin Margiela Brings Ugly Back in Milan

    Elusive designer channels Vulcan Customs and Joan Crawford

    WSJ has an article on Belgian-born designer Martin Margiela who managed to channel both Joan Crawford and the Romulan Empire in his collection.

    Margiela is the toast of Milan (someone forgot to tell the buyers in Milan that the 80's are gone and won't be coming back.)

    The Journal estimates that his sales are expected to grow 40% to 56 million euros. The designer managed to build a brand on being elusive. He has a following of wealthy women, who above all, value exclusivity. For these women, great clothes is not great if it's mass-produced. Ugly clothes that are exclusive are worth their weight in gold.

    For our sake, lets hope Mr. Margiela is not inspired to bring back Roman tunics and sandals for his Spring collection.

    To all of these women who can't wait to buy Martin Margiela's ugly clothes and look like 80's rejects, I say shop on suckers!!

    Britney Spears Loses Custody Her Kids And She Doesn't Care

    Britney Spears Loses Kids

    The judge gave Kevin Federline custody because he was not happy that Britney was not following his instructions to take parenting classes, get a valid California driver's license, and submit to drug tests.

    I am angry at Britney because her actions are making me think that she is glad the kids are gone. The judge was not asking for much, but yet she gave him nothing. She seemed indifferent.

    Britney was told that one of the reason for losing her children was because she did not have a valid California driver's license. In typical Britney fashion, she puts the kids in the car, get in the driver's seat, and starts driving.

    I will admit that not having a valid driver's license is a very stupid reason to take someone children away. I was hoping that Britney would at least give the judge the impression that she got his message. But nope! She got behind the wheel and drove away. That was a big "fuck you judge" if I ever saw one.

    Britney, gimme the impression that you are sad about losing your children. Start listening to the people around you and do what they judge ask of you. Show the world you care. Do it for your children!

    Kanye West Is My Hero

    Kanye West knows that he has a reputation as a cry-baby and he is willing to laugh at himself.

    That is why he is my hero.

    This skit is so funny. Kanye West is the "greatest show on earth."

    Steve Jobs Is A Big Fat Hypocrite

    Here's to the misfits!!!!

    By KeeptheiPhoneFree
    This video is really simple, but it makes its point beautifully.

    "Think Different"Apple ad

    Here’s to the crazy ones.
    The misfits.
    The rebels.
    The troublemakers.
    The round pegs in the square holes.
    The ones who see things differently.
    They’re not fond of rules.
    And they have no respect for the status quo.
    You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them.
    About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them.
    Because they change things.
    They push the human race forward.
    And while some see them as the crazy ones,
    We see genius.
    Because the people who are crazy enough to think
    they can change the world,
    Are the ones who do.

    Yes Steve Jobs "the crazy ones" do indeed change the world. You just have to let them do it.

    Saturday, September 29, 2007

    R.I.P Iphone Unlocked- August 24, 2007-September 27, 2007

    The IPhone: It's everything except a good phone.

    This whole hoopla about the "iBrick" is just another business opportunity for Apple.

    The next IWhatever needs to have all the features of the IPhone minus the phone. It should still have a microphone so nerds can download Skype 3rd party software and talk all day long.

    It should have a camera for video conferencing over the net with other IWhatever users. That would be super duper, beyond hot. On a fast 3G data network this product would be unstoppable.

    The IWhatever should allow the customers to have any 3rd party software they wish.

    Apple could probably start their own telecommunication co., Helio style, or open the device so it can be used with data plans from different providers. Can you imagine this product on a Blackberry like network? Wow!!!

    Does anybody know where I can get 50 million dollars to start this myself?

    Friday, September 28, 2007

    In an Confidential Memo, A Pentagon General Claims to Want as Many Dead Soldiers Coming Back From Iraq as Possible.

    Click play to view memo.

    Time online has an article about the V-22 Osprey being deployed in Iraq for combat. Why Pentagon? Why? Haven't American mothers and soldiers suffer enough?

    With quotes from the Time such as the ones below, how can the generals at the Pentagon justify the cost of this program, and its deployment in a war zone?

    "V-22 crashes have claimed the lives of 30 men — 10 times the lunar program's toll — all before the plane has seen combat."

    "The V-22's tendency to generate a dust storm when it lands in desert-like terrain wasn't examined because "an unusually wet spring resulted in a large amount of vegetation that prevented severe brownouts during landing attempts," the Pentagon's top tester noted."

    "The V-22 can't glide as well as an airplane, and it can't hover as well as a helicopter."

    It seems to me that Bin Laden does not need to plot any more terrorist attacks against U.S soldiers in Iraq since we are about to do fine job terminating them ourselves.

    I am not a soldier, but I do know one fundamental thing about war--sometimes complicated hardware is a downside. For all the talk about the V-22's agility, I know that any terrorist in Iraq who has ever watched a season of McGyver could take this "planecopter" down in less than 5 minutes. Let's all pray and hope that terrorists do not like McGyver.

    Please Pentagon, stop spending our money as if it did grow on trees. And to these politicians on Capitol Hill who supported this project in order to help their districts, I say this: America is not a commune. I shouldn't have to work hard, pay taxes, and see it wasted so people in your districts can have jobs. Your problems can't be my problems.

    Children's Television is Making our Preschoolers Stupid.

    Parents trust Noggin and Nick Jr. with their infants and preschoolers because they've been told these stations want to help educate their children. But do these shows need to insult our children's intelligence, and ours?

    The videos are from a show called "Yo, Gabba Gabba!" The first clip has a green monster called Brobee that starts singing about having a "party in his tummy." The song is suppose to make kids want to eat their vegetables. The vegetables in the video seem to have suicidal tendencies since they are begging to be eaten.

    I think the clip is funny, but in a stupid kind of way. I wonder whether parents in Ethiopia have to sing stupid songs to their preschoolers to get them to eat their vegetables?

    We tell our kids to always chew their food before swallowing; but Brobee comes along and swallow his food whole. The same children who believe that vegetables are capable of having "parties in their tummies," may also believe that they should not chew their food for these parties to happen.
    Why do American parent keep subjecting their children to these nonsense?

    In the second video, Julius the Monkey has a cameo. I really wish children's programming executives would stop calling their shows "educational," and start calling them by their real names, "ads."

    A commenter on YouTube proclaims that this show is great to watch when he's high, or on acid. You know it's time to change the station when druggies have the same taste in programming as your kids.

    Thursday, September 27, 2007

    Wallabies Having an Orgy? Please Say It Isn't So.

    If are a prude, a creationist or do not have a sense of humor, do not view this video. You may never see wallabies in the same way again.

    Wednesday, September 26, 2007

    Veterans of the War Against Microsoft

    David Galleger of the New York Times time recently attended a Halo 3 launch even and came across the picture above and wondered what the signed was about. It just dawn of me that the person who put up the sign just pulled the best prank of the year. They got the New York Times to wonder about their sign. Kudos guys!!

    There is no veterans of war against Microsoft, but it was marketing genius. I think it is someone who works for Microsoft who was trying to be funny and put the sign up.

    Microsoft has a "Believe" campaign going and some of the ads for Halo 3 have a bunch of "veterans" from the war against the Covenant talking about their experiences and I think the sign was alluding to that.

    Check out the spots for yourself and tell me If you think I am right.

    Warning! These ads are really boring except for the one with the toy soldiers. It was really well done.

    Tuesday, September 25, 2007

    Bollinger Makes Intellectuals Look Like Jackasses.

    President of Columbia University Is as Crazy as Ahmadinejad.

    What can be said about this YouTube video other than it proves that intellectuals are jackasses. Why? Why would the president of Columbia University invites this man to his school and then insult him? He started so well and then went down hill from there.

    The president of Columbia just ruined it for every other school that wished to have Ahmadinejad over so they could take stab at him too. Attention whore!

    Ahmadinejad took the opportunity to make him look stupid. You know you're in trouble when the crazy guy in the room scolds you and it makes sense.

    Watch the videos for yourselves and decide.

    Monday, September 24, 2007

    10 Billion Dollars for FaceBook? Somebody is Smoking Crack!

    FaceBook being worth 10 billion or more is the biggest lie since rumors of a Britney comeback.

    The hottest business news today is the possible purchase of a 5% stake in FaceBook by Microsoft. I say don’t do it Microsoft! Don’t fall for the FaceBook trap. For 300-500 million dollars Microsoft can create its own social networking site and get a better return on its investment. They need creative people, awesome content, fresh concepts and they would be unstoppable.

    I found this, somewhat, funny video on YouTube that illustrate the pitfalls of paying this outrageous sum for a 5% stake in a social networking site. Sites like MySpace and FaceBook are in a fight against time. Tastes in social networks are in constant flux. There are no guarantees that what the young find cool today will be cool tomorrow. That 10 billion dollars valuation for FaceBook is the biggest lie since the prediction of a Britney comeback.

    If Google wants to pay this sum, let them. They have money to burn. Microsoft should not go to the table with FaceBook with such a strong scent of desperation. I can smell it from my couch. Business deals made out of desperation never end up well. Examples: Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. You get the point.

    I have a MySpace, FaceBook and YouTube account. If I was confronted with Sophie’s choice, I am afraid both Myspace and FaceBook would have to go. The future is video social networking. If only YouTube could make their site a bit more flexible, no one would care for either Myspace or FaceBook..

    And The 2007 Oscar For Best Actress Goes To Cate Blanchett For Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

    Trailers are made to built excitement for a movie, but this new trailer for Elizabeth: The Golden Age is in a league of its own. Wow!! I don't ever want to cross Cate Blanchett when she's angry.

    The trailer for this movie is amazing. The score, the editing are outstanding. I don't know how the actual movie can top it. It is a long trailer but it's a thrilling one. I can't wait to see the movie. I am actually thinking I should not see the movie because it might ruin the trailer for me.

    I can safely say that Cate Blanchett got herself, at least, another nomination. Cate, get your dress ready, you are going to the Oscars.

    I don't know if any actor has ever won an Oscar for the same role in the original and a sequal to a movie, but it should not matter. A good performance is a good performance. Reward the acting. I would like the Academy members to consider this trailer's editor for best editing as well. It's that good!

    And the Oscar goes to: Cate Blanchett.

    Thanks to wanax( for posting this really good version.

    Sunday, September 23, 2007

    Nicholas Sparks Can Eat Me!

    Everyone has a friend or knows someone who tells them that they must see "The Notebook" because it is so moving. I've seen the movie and I did not find it very sad or compelling. I felt something was wrong with me because I did not cry watching it. Today, I discovered that everything is right with me. It is the movie that sucked.

    YouTube has a few Thai health insurance commercials that are so moving I guarantee tears will be shed. You know you have a great ad when you leave viewers wanting more. I wanted these ads to be full length movies.

    Warning! Get some Kleenex.

    Saturday, September 22, 2007

    Zoloft Japanese Style

    I found this jewel on YouTube and you have to watch it to believe.

    The video is an ad which claims to change bi-polar moods, or stress, if you just pop this bubble wrap type object around your neck. it makes a popping sound without actually popping the plastic. I don't speak Japanese so I am guessing. It's Zoloft for the cutesy minded Japanese. I think it's a weird, stupid idea, but deep down I applaud the Japanese for trying to come up with innovative ways to make people happy without drugging them. The price is a bit ridiculous too. It cost 59 dollars. I could buy 1 year supply of real bubble wrap for that price. But the savings from not medicating and helping the environment makes it worth the price. If this thing takes off, Merck and Pfizer may have some serious competition. I hope it works.

    Gimme More Britney Parodies

    I am so over Britney Spears, but the parodies keep coming and they are very funny. The newest one on YouTube is "Gimme More (Pills)" by director gregcarnici and it is a hoot. It got 58 thousand hits so far after only 2 days. Not bad. The guy in the video has a better body than Britney. His abs are gorgeous. How sad!! For Britney.

    Asians Gone Wild

    There is a video on YouTube asking people to distinguish who in the video is Japanese and who is Korean. The director fpaldks11 was "curious." Curious or stupid? There are people who are taking their time to answer the question as if they would win a prize for getting the answer right. Someone actually wrote a funny comment, which may be racist, but I choose to see it as sarcasm. It says "they're neither...they're Mexicans." The purpose of the video is ridiculous, but the song on it is way cool. Check it out for the music. These girls can dance. They are definitely Koreans. Just saying.

    Update--The director of this video blocked me because I commented that the girls looked Filipino to me. He did not get the sarcasm and was insulted that I would think that Korean girls looked Filipino. It seems that there is an Asian race war going on but they forgot to tell the rest of the world about it. Well, it was fun posting that people who responded seriously were idiots. Stupid questions deserve stupid answers. I hope he changes his mind and unblock me. They need the debate.

    Friday, September 21, 2007

    Spice Girl, Spices Up YouTube

    Melanie C's new single "This Time" is getting lots of hits on YouTube. The song itself is O.K.. I wanted to like it very much, but I was not feeling it. The music and her voice are average. But the fans, who are mostly overseas, would hear none of it. Any one who dared say the song was not so great were quickly given negative ratings. As far as Melanie's fans are concerned, Mel C is the greatest female voice of the year. "This is so gorgeous and so emotional!!!" proclaimed a fan from Montenegro. "Actually, this is a really well written pop song, and goddamn, Sporty Spice is still so hot.," said another. These people put fan in fanatic. Have a listen and decide for yourself.

    Dirty, Dirty, Mind

    The hottest video on YouTube right now is a funny video. So far, it got 170 thousand hits. It is very funny and will get at least a 1 million hits in a few months.

    The video proves that reality is all in the mind. The artist is clearly a genius.

    Lovers Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia BUSTED, by Stalker

    The hot new video on YouTube is a video of Hayden and Milo from the NBC show Heroes. Why is it getting so many hits?? Because we are voyeurs.

    It is a stupid video of two people dancing, who may or may not have a relationship with each other and kissing once in a while. The "riveting" video shows the two "love birds" or "booty calls" dancing really closely and kissing, I think. The video was so dark, I am still not sure what I saw.

    It was filmed without them being aware. It is a bit creepy and I don't think I am going to watch it again. But for your viewing pleasure here it is below. Enjoy!!

    Tom Ford Thinks American Men Want to Smell Like Pussy, All The Time.

    If you have been living under a rock, you may not have heard about designer Tom Ford's new fragrance for men. The ad for the fragrance is getting a lot of press because it is so provocative. It shows a naked woman holding the fragrance bottle between her legs, hiding her clitoris. I did not get the campaign, but today I discovered a gem on YouTube/vogue channel. It is an interview with Mr. Ford talking about his strategy for creating fragrances.

    In the interview, Mr. Ford talks about his "Private Blend." It seems that he likes for men to smell like tobacco, ass, and virgina. He is also working on fragrances that will appeal to different part of the world. There will be a fragrance for men in Moscow, which by no doubt will smell like vodka and vomit. There will be a fragrance for Dubai. It seems that Mr. Ford marketing team does not know that the majority of people in Dubai are poor immigrants. The Dubai population is comprised of immigrant men from different country in Asia.

    The question I want to ask is this. Is Mr. Ford designing for men so women can find the smell inviting, or he is he designing for gay men? Because I know of no woman who likes her man smelling like an ashtray and find it sexy.

    Justin Talked to Oprah About Britney and Said that She's Crazy.

    Well, Justin did not say that. I am guessing it's because he did not have the balls or he is a perfect gentlemen. On YouTube today the clip of Justin "talking" about Britney on Oprah and saying absolutely nothing, zip, nada, has already received 70,0000 hits. "I haven't talked to her in years," Justin told Oprah. On YouTube, saying nothing is as good as saying something.

    Muji Stores Opening in the U.S. and Slate Writer is About to Poop his Pants

    Muji = Ikea for SoHo Suckers

    Slate online declared that the Japanese powerhouse Muji was opening U.S. stores and that called for a hallelujah. Hallelujah, because a furniture store is coming to SoHo? I could not wait to hear more. The writer admitted that Muji is basically just like Ikea but with really boring stuff. In the article it states “IKEA implores customers to "be brave, not beige." Muji, in contrast, revels in neutrality. Almost all of its products are devoid of color, and the most surprising and delightful aspect of their design is how nondescript they are.” Am I supposed to rejoice because my furniture is going to be “devoid of color?” Ikea sells plenty of things that are devoid of color, why don’t I just go there.

    “The rabid excitement over Muji is very much deserved, but the most innovative aspect of the company's products isn't the quality of their design; it's how fundamentally they redefine the idea of the design object.” OK let me get this straight. I am paying high prices for neutral colored furniture that is not very good quality because it is redefining design. Oh now that it’s being put to me this way, I can’t wait to go buy me some Muji accessories.

    I went on YouTube to see Muji products in moving picture. I clicked, I watched, and I was not impressed. Well just a bit impressed. Muji sells these electrical outlets which are so well designed, Ikea must copy them. Good design is important, but I am not paying SoHo, Midtown Manhattan, prices for stuff because they are beige(neutral) and from Japan.

    I am sure that are plenty of people in Manhattan who can’t wait to overpay for their shelving units. Actually I think there are plenty of people in Manhattan that won’t buy anything unless they are being overcharged for it. To these people I say, shop on suckers!!!

    Muji commercials highlighting how plain and beige everything is at their stores. Chair and bed match. Couches are beige and they go well with beige walls.

    Really good design. Only thing worth buying at Muji. I would like the Ikea design (copy) team to start working on something similar.

    Ikea commercials highlighting how versatile their products are. You want to own them because you feel they belong in your home, not in a lab.

    Path to Career Resuscitation is Paved with Naked PETA Ad

    Eating Broccoli Never Seemed so Right

    Alicia Silverstone has not made a movie in so long, she makes Chris Tucker look like a working actor. But this week her PETA ad was banned in some “no one cares” town in Texas and the ad became news.

    Why was it ban? Well because Ms. Silverstone is somewhat naked. We know she must be naked, but she don’t actually get to see anything. Those Texans are such prudes. But I will admit that a vegan diet has done her body good. The commercial got over 500,000 hits today on YouTube and more people to discover it. Ms. Silverstone is bound to catch the eye of Hollywood once again. The comments on YouTube varies from “Who the hell is Alicia Silverston?” to “Damn she looks hot.”

    Of course, no YouTube video would be complete without the haters. The haters don’t hate Ms. Silverstone herself, just all vegans on the planet. Thanks haters! YouTube would not be the same without y’all

    Check out the comments for yourselves and you will laugh for at least a solid 15 minutes.

    I sense a movie in Ms. Silverstone's future from getting press from this ad. At least a call from her agent.

    Saturday, September 15, 2007

    Leave Chris Crocker Alone! He's Fucking With You.

    The Chris Crocker (or Chris Cracker as I like to call him) put out his Britney rant on YouTube over 1 week ago and people are still,furiously, logging in and posting comments on his video. Why? Really, why? Over 100,000 comments and there are still a johnnycomelatelies out there who think they’re will be the first one to comment that Cracker is a "fag" or write the ubiquitous "are you a guy or a girl?" comment. Give it up!! If your comment is number 120,000 on a page, get a clue. No one cares what you are writing. They have heard it by comment number 50,000. But don't listen to me. Feel free to rant anyways.

    Cracker just got a TV show (The Chris Crocker Experience)so he can annoy the world even more because so many idiots are logging in to berate him. Controversy sells. He left the video up so people can make defamatory comments because he needs the press and the hits. Cracker is not funny or entertaining, but he is a smart businessperson. He got people to hate him so much they can’t stop watching.