Saturday, October 13, 2007

R.I.P T.I's Career: Oct 9, 2001-Sept 13, 2007

Don't drop the soap homie!

According to, T.I was arrested on Saturday,October 13, 2007 for being rich and really stupid. The ATF arrested him today for using his bodyguard to purchase machine guns and silencers. Yes, you read right. Silencers. It seems that Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr. aka T.I did not get smarter when his career took off. All that money and he couldn't buy a brain.

A lot of people are writing him off as another dumb rapper who could not get his shit together after he left the hood. Actually, they are saying that in a very racist manner I do not wish to repeat here.

How can these rappers be so stupid? Why would a man with bodyguards needs machine guns and silencers. I am not even going to try to figure this out because I will bust my head trying to find logic behind his stupidity. We can pretty much say good bye to T.I because when the Feds come knocking, they don't mess around. I hear that if he's found guilty on the charge of of trying to purchase silencers, he may not see the outside world for a long, long time.

I am kind of glad he got his ass arrested. No one buys silencers so they can go to the shooting range and practice.

I hope Al Sharpton stays away from this mess. Who I am kidding? Al is probably trying to rally the troop to get T.I out on bail.

Well T.I, it was nice knowing you. I did not think your music was ever that great, but since I felt you were earning an honest living, I respected you. Now that I know you were trying to kill people, all I can say is "dumb fuck; don't drop the soap!"

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