Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Heroes Continues Its Downward Spiral

Heroes is not getting better with age

I was not going to talk about episode 4 of season 2 of Heroes but I could not fight the urge. The writers are still nuts and their plots still don't make sense.
Superboy wannabe took Lois wannabe on ANOTHER "Superman and Lois fun ride" this time to Hollywood, CA. Yes they managed to fly really fast evading radar detection and he was able to hold on to her for the entire flight. So it is official! West has super-strength as well as flying powers.

Oh that part were West told Claire that his father would would be glad to meet him because, I quote "I can fly" was the stupidest line so far this season. Yeah West, his daughter cannot be hurt, but he’s going to be amazed at your flying abilities. Whatever!

A new character was introduced. She is black and her name escapes me. But her power is truly amazing. Amazingly stupid that is. She can learn things by watching someone do it. I don't care what Heroes' writers were thinking when they were coming up with powers, but this one takes the cake for the least plausible and the most useless. Here is why. Imagine that she saw two people fight with swords for 10 minutes as she did when she saw two guys wrestle, now is she really going to be a sword master by just watching 10 minutes of a sword fight. Come on! Get some brain writers and stop insulting me. I am willing to suspend believe in reality for 1 hour to watch the show, but I am not willing to suspend common sense.

The icing on the cake is Sylar getting out of the jungle of God knows where and ends up in the desert on the U.S./Mexican border. How is beyond me. Did he fly? I doubt that he did not have any flying powers that I know of. Did he run really fast like Bionic Woman? I doubt that also. So how in the world did he get out of that Jungle? Why did they even show me the stupid jungle in episode 3, if they were going to let him out so easy?

The Guatemalan twins need to die ASAP. And that chick has got to stop stressing so easy. Someone looks at her the wrong way and her eyes gets all black. She needs to get on Paxel right now and control whatever is inside her. What the heck is her power anyway? So far, all I got was that she could annoy the shit out of me.

The previews for episode 5 talked about Peter finding out about his identity. Who give a flying leap? We already know who Peter is. How is that a suspenseful episode?

Kristen Bell joins the cast of Heroes in episode 5. And their hook for her character was that we would never guess what her power is. 5 bucks I know what it is already. I say that her powers are going to be stupid, useless and a complete waste of my time. If I was to be more specific I would say she can tap into memory or something ridiculous like that. I am just guessing. But whatever her power comes out to be, it's not going to be interesting. Mark my word.

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