Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obama At Rally Declares That if Elected He Will Be The First Black Jesus

We've all heard by now of Barack Hussein Obama, child of Mary and Joseph of Kansas, US. I am truly getting tired of hearing about his healing powers. If I have to hear one more time about how he will change minds and make all my dreams come true by the power of whatever, I am going to scream. Heck I have been screaming. Right now I don't care who is elected president, I just don't want it to be Saint Barack.

There is not one thing that Obama is promising that has not been promised before. He apparently has not made one speech that has not been made before either. I have it up to my neck with people who come on the scene and promise revolutions of biblical proportions. They promise to give you hope as if hope is theirs to give. Hope is something you have inside you. You have hope for yourself. You have hope for your country. You have hope for the future. Hope should not be bottle like Aquafina. But year after year there are millions of people who stand in line to get a chance to hear someone tell them that they have discovered the fountain to eternal salvation. This year's Messiah is Obama. Next year who knows.

Obamanians hate to be called cultists, but yet their behavior is cultist. If it walks like a dog and barks like a dog, am I supposed to call it a chicken?

They cry when he talks. They come to listen him talk and say nothing and cry harder. They want to be touched by him as if his touch will cure their illnesses (which seems to be their lack of hope and belief in themselves.) I don't want these people to decide who my next president should be. In 2000 Evangelicals also followed Bush as if he was the second coming. They saw him as a reformer and an agent of change and see what we got.

I am proposing a one month moratorium on Obama speeches and rallies. I want everyone to take a breather and not just follow in hysteria, and play follow the leader with my future. I want people to be allowed to vote after they have been De-Obamafied. If his supporters who seems to have abandoned logic on the 405 expressway are allowed to determined my future, I think we are fucked. No one is saying that hope is bad. But hope has to be rooted in reality. I hope to wake up tomorrow and be eighteen again, but it's not going to happen. But Obamanians seem to think that anything is possible, including time travel. That is just fucking ridiculous.

Below I have presented some example of cultist and then some footage of Obama rallies. You be the judge.

Please note that in the video he is excited because Barack has "great experience and he is not soiled by politics." I will have whatever he is smoking.

He gets to take his country back this year by voting for Barack. The fucking idiot would not have needed to take the country back if he got his ass off his couch 4 years ago and went and voted.

Jason thinks that Obama is going to bring democrat and republicans together. He has a vision that can unites us he says. I guess someone forgot to tell Jason that Barack Obama is the most liberal senator on the hill. Yes republicans love themselves a guy who has voted against everything they hold dear and voted for everything they hate. Way to go Jason. Good to know you know a lot about Obama's voting record. Not.

This video shows how Obama will end hunger, end wars, end torture. Well the list of what Obama will be able to do is too long to list. Please see for yourself.

Jonestown. It all sounds so familiar. I wonder why?

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